How do you choose your spa experience in a city like Las Vegas, where the spas at every large hotel offer not just treatments, but comfortable lounges stocked with drinks and snacks, hot tubs and steam rooms, and a hushed atmosphere to escape the bustle of the casinos? Start by checking out Qua Baths & Spa at Caesar’s Palace. The large space, variety of tubs, and the special “snow room” make it one of the more interesting wet spas in Las Vegas. You don’t even have to get a treatment to take advantage of the amenities. Both hotel guests and non-guests can purchase a stand-alone day pass that gives you same-day in and out access.

Here’s an overview of the women’s area:

Locker room and robes

Someone from the staff will give you a tour of the space and assign you a locker containing a robe and sandals. Keep your valuables locked up, for sure. Because this is a women-only space, it’s swimsuit optional. I estimate about 20% walked around in their bathing suit and the rest chose to wear just their robes over a discreetly wrapped towel. One deciding factor for you may be the coverage of the robes. Qua’s robes are on the skimpy side for someone over size 12.

You’ll be very comfortable in their spa sandals. They have a split toe and are wider that usual, with a nice nubbed arch support.


The jacuzzi is round, a toasty 104 degrees, and surrounded by a few chaise lounges. The walls are a soothing beige stone and oatmeal thatch. Every so often you’ll find hanging an impressionistic panels of color, a colorful touch I think of as the art equivalent of massage music.

Steam and sauna

The steam room is quite quite steamy and dark. I believe the seats were black, but the steam was so think, it was tough to see! It was pretty perfect to make your skin glisten and glow. For a counterpoint to all this wet heat, take a cool rinse and try the cedar sauna. It’s a straightforward sauna with a clean dry heat.



The jacuzzi is 104 degrees of pure relaxation

Arctic Ice Room

THIS is the amenity that really makes the Qua Baths & Spa at Caesar’s Palace unique. This room has curved undulating walls like a Gaudi mansion meets “Frozen.” Bowls of ice perch in front of glistening teardrops of aqua tiles on the walls. The best? When you enter this cold room, motion-activated “snow” made from flaked moisturizer falls from the ceiling! The only drawback is, you have to move occasionally to keep it “snowing.” Jumping up and down to stay warm will do it!

Qua spa snow room

Take a break from all the heat in Qua’s snow room, where motion activated flakes of moisturizer cool you down and hydrate your skin.

Roman Baths

The 3-pool Roman Baths is one of the highlights of Qua. There’s a pool for everyone: cool, hot, and just right. And with dozens of lounges scattered between them, there’s room for everyone to sit. The only drawback to me? This area was much more of a social scene than I’ve ever sen at a spa. Everyone was using their outside voices and laughing, and it definitely wasn’t a place for hushed relaxation. It was quieter when I arrived in the morning but became quite loud, as the day wore on. Large groups traveling together becoming chatty and and animated. The tubs are amazing, but be prepared for noise and to have no where to hide.


The common lounge area at Qua Baths & Spa offers enough drinks and a few snacks, enough to keep yourself sated until your next meal. There are endless bottles of cold water to stay hydrated, which is wonderful.  When you’re ready for something a little “stronger”, help yourself to some of the small cans of V8, cranberry, pineapple, apple, and orange juices from the mini fridge. Get a little caffeine fix with black tea, or stay in the zen zone with a rooibos vanilla tea blend. Munch on small bags of mini-pretzels and fruit: bananas, oranges, and apples, unfortunately all wrapped in plastic film. I had a fine time paging through the fashion magazine scattered about and munching in between rounds in the steam and cold rooms.

Guest book

Make sure you take a look at the guest book in the lounge, and let all the warm feelings from the previous guests wash over you. Messages of comfort, of love, messages penned by women from all over the world, multi-generations of women celebrating birthdays, sober birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and divorces. Messages like these:

“Serenity is what I found here today. May peace and love follw you all your days here! Life is way too short! So always be kind to a stranger or a familiar face every chance you get. LIVE every second!”

”Start with why … what is your mission in life. How do you want to be remembered. Live like that now.”

”Girl power forever!”

”Hello, after reading all the beautiful little messages, I only have one thing to say. I may never laugh with you, cry with you, hold you, touch you, comfort you, or meet you. But I love you with every inch of my soul.”


It’s a little tricky to find Qua’s pricing. You have to go all the way through the online booking process, reserve a time for your day pass and add to your cart then click “check out” to find out the cost.

Las Vegas offers numerous luxurious hotel spas. Yet Qua Baths & Spa at Caesar’s Palace really stand out with their motion activated snow in the Arctic Ice Room. I’d like to return to have a little more time to hang out in the Roman bath area, but I’d be prepared with a book and some noise cancelling headphones.


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