Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, the day can end beautifully.
Kristen Butler

It seems fitting to celebrate the sun setting on 2017 with a few of my favorite photos of color-drenched ocean sunsets from my travels. The palettes range from bright pastel indigos and corals to dusky ochres and pinks, each as stunning as the last.

1. Cancun, Mexico: Caribbean Sea

fishing boat silhouette against a dark blue ocean and orange sunset

The shadows of Cancun outline the Nichupté Lagoon at sunset


2. New Brighton Beach, California: Monterey Bay

sandpiper silhouette feeding in the sand that appears orange from reflected sunset

A sandpiper dines in the orange sand at sunset


3.Ruhl Plage, Nice, France: Mediterranean Sea

people standing on a sidewalk with an orange and yellow streaked sunset behind them

A drizzly early fall evening made way for a stunning orange sunset


4, Galway, Ireland: Galway Bay

Magical Galway Bay, where the colors of the coral and blue streaked sky dance on the water


5.Noordwick, The Netherlands: North Sea

Red sky and indigo sea with a bright white sun low in the horizon

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight, as the saying goes


6. Seacliff Beach, California: Monterey Bay

Orange setting over the ocean behind Seacliff Beach's Cement Ship

Midwinter sunsets are the most glorious along the Monterey Bay, and this orange sky is no exception.



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